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We are a hub of medical device R&D activity for innovators, small businesses, and academic groups.




We partner with you as your fractional Chief Innovation Officer to assess your innovation from a biomedical engineering standpoint creating an effective strategy to move your innovation forward.


We work with you to identify and raise funding through federal contracts & grants and foundations. We are highly experienced in raising these funds through both academia and industry, and have served on panels that distribute these funds.


With cross-disciplinary expertise in biomedical engineering, software engineering, and various electrical engineering disciplines, our collaborative teams provide the tools to move innovations through each of your challenges.


We have extensive experience with medical imaging, patient monitoring, and medical sensing for a variety of applications. Our R&D capabilities and cross-disciplinary knowledge enable us to rapidly create concepts and 3D models leading to prototypes and products.

Don’t let the chasm of idea development slow your idea.

Avg. time to first FDA clearance

Our agile management model and med device experience can expedite product development.

Startups that fail

We lead and support our partners through the challenging medical device development process.

Reduction in venture funding since 2007

We are highly experienced at leveraging various funding sources, including federal and foundation contracts & grants, to jumpstart med device innovations.

Our SBIR success rate vs average

Academic experience has led to our high funding rate for Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants from various federal agencies.

News & Posts

December 28, 2015

Wearable and Flexible Ultrasound Devices

December 18, 2015 in Engineering, Terahertz

Extreme Moisture Monitoring Laser

Extreme moisture monitoring is exactly that, EXTREME. Adding the word laser makes it that much cooler. As leading experts in the field of terahertz technology we worked with JAL Engineering to develop the world’s first terahertz moisture monitoring system. It’s fun to pop into Starbucks and let a few people overhear you say “Did…

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December 18, 2015 in Medical Device

Versatile Ultrasound Transmitter Unit

What if we really could diagnose and see inside the human body without harmful X-Rays? Medical device engineers worth their salt will spend time brainstorming and dreaming and discuss the latest gadgets. Even ones that are fictional. When will we have a ‘sick bay’ that compares to Star Trek? Doctors would…

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December 18, 2015 in Medical Device

Wireless Fetal Monitor – Untethering Moms in Labor

Today’s expectant mother wants to deliver a healthy baby with a more natural birthing experience. We developed a wireless fetal monitoring solution that untethers the mother from the large monitoring systems in the labor & delivery room, providing a safe and more comfortable birthing experience. The wireless system is universally compatible with…

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December 18, 2015 in Engineering

No Brainer Automation System For IVD

Mission: Assemble a diagnostics lab automated test machine for a biotech pharma business to speed up tests and reduce chance for error. Although we certainly don’t want to take jobs away from a lab technician, we do want to make sure science remains scientific. Eliminating variables is one of those…

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Facilities & Staff

With a 4,950 sqft R&D facility located in San Diego’s biotech corridor, we’re just a few minutes from the beach so you can catch a wave before lunch and generate electromagnetic waves in the afternoon.

Our facilities and teams are organized to provide the resources required for medical device innovation, from proof-of-concept testing and prototyping to verification & validation.

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